Mission complete!!

After 2 years working on this movie as a color artist back in Madrid in December 2007!!! (Wow..seems only like yesterday) I feel really lucky and give thanks to have met so many great professional artists that were working there. I'm even more thankful that many of them are really good friends today!

I've been really impatient to see the finished project and finally now is time to share it with you guys. I hope you enjoy the works I will be posting randomly today and over the next few days!

This is one image that I did to show in my portfolio...basically, Carolina and Nacho gave me the layout of the character and I had to colour it (with photoshop) and then pass it over to the Modeling and Texture Department.

If you like it, I recommend you buy the art book of the movie, not just because my work is in there :D but because honestly it is one my favourite movie art books! Take a peek of the review from parkablog so you can see what i'm talking about :D

Mr.Plot (left) Qstom...right?

A bunch of ex-Ilionitas! here in London, kinda "premier"...?
Apologize about the creepy eyes! but you know..to a giving horse, don't you look the teeth! ( lol ) Thx for the pics Luis!