Well, just to show a bit how the process goes. The character was done (once again) by Mister Damian Johnston, directed by Finkbom, it was for a pitch so there were no time for a proper finish, the idea is to give as much detail is possible but without spending more than a day.
I use Photoshop most of the time (if not always).
The first is to start making a selection for the background, its really important to end up with a clean image if the character is for a 3D commercial, then a rough layer with the basic colors and you are done to add some volume to the character but not being to worry about the finish yet, as the texture layer (if needed) always messed up a bit the image, for the texture don't be worry to find a picture on line etc... as there is no time to create your own , and being realistic, it always looks better. To apply the texture just play around with the layer modes (*Soft Light* always works pretty well depends of the texture)
Now you are ready to play with the adjustment layers to match colors, or simple to create a fake tan as the one on this character as it was needed for this character.
Getting pictures as a references is really important as well, but don't spend hours looking for the right one, remember there is no time!
The image is quite big so you can see the lack of detail in the less important areas..
I promise next time I will spend more time describing the procces! :D