So.. This is for the Bodycount 60" trailer that we developed a couple of months ago at The Mill. Directed by Douglas Lassance and Jonathan Vuillemin and the 3D gaming crew.

Co-director: Jonathan Vuillemin: “For this project we went straight from the 3D animatic to a colored mood board. The advantage of that was to set the mood early on in the development process and to give some intentions about the details that needed to be added to each shot. The lighters and compositors then matched the painted frames as closely as possible.”

As Jonathan said, I created the mood board (the one in here is an early version, which was later changed to a green mood as it did fit better the African mood, although I prefer the first I did :) )
The 3D guys provided me with enough assets to create the rest of the paintings, it looks really dark in the cinematic so I hope you can get a better taste on this images.

I have to say that the time was really tight (1 month) to finish everything, but it was great to work with such a cool team of people!!

Watch it here!! <------

By the way... We've been part on the new Stash issue. YAY!