Rip Van Winkle

A couple of years ago I asked to super talented Noah Klocek if I could use one of his character for a character stylist practice, unfortunately, soon after I started I had to put it back on the "WIP drawer" as work became really time demanding.
Last Christmas I had the chance to finish the character.. and here is the result!
I've uploaded a mega huge version of it, as I wanted to go on detail on this character.. you can download it here: " HUGE VERSION" 

I would recommend to read the great story about the character! :)

**Thanks to Javier Ledesma for helping me out to define the hands and adapting the pose into 3D style.**

I've just found on my hard drive a concept art I did for a Hyundai pitch whilst I was working at TheMill.
I had a day an half, so I've used a lot of photos to achieve a realistic-ish look, I also did a basic step by step... in case anybody is interested on the process.

Hey folks! I hope you had a nice festive break.
I've just wanted to share with you my latest MattePainting Reel.
Hope you like it!

Here is a couple of visuals I did on Photoshop and the Character Design I did at TheMill for Surf Detergent. Funny commercial ^^

And here, another Visual Development I did for a pitch on the Fedex ‘Magic Forest’ tv commercial. Directed by Smith & Foulkes at Nexus.
Sadly we didn't win the project, but I would highly recommend to have a look of the visuals my fellow colleague German Casado did for this pitch.
If you are still curious about the project, have a look on what the talented people at Psyop did after winning the pitch :) --->

A little concept I did for directors Smith & Foulkes at Nexus whilst pitching for a British Gas commercial. Unfortunately we didn't get the project...

Here is a concept I did some time ago for the directors Smith & Foulkes at Nexus.
I don't really know what was this for to be honest, the idea was to set this lovely couple on a mysterious Theme Park... Hope you like it!

Time to finally update the blog!
So far I've been trying to keep all my updates on facebook or tumblr, naively thinking that nobody would really check blogger anymore, but other than that, statics shows different and so this community is still alive and hungry. Good stuff!

Here is a project I did at TheMill almost a year ago. The task was to design a couple of backgrounds for the new trendy Mercedes A Class series. The director had already something on mind, so it was an easy shot.
I have to say I really enjoyed working on this project.. and really happy with the work the supertalented Dan Moore did transforming my concept into a real 3D model.
For more info, please check


Mercedes Benz A Klasse "Hungrig" Webspecial
from nhb studios on Vimeo.

And just to catch up...

Here is a portrait I made to our new family member. His name is Hodge and he loves food, cuddles,food,toys, and loads of food.
You can also see some pics of him on my Tumblr: , so when you see him in the park, you can come and say hi to him! (he loves attention!!)


For those of you who are still surfing the "Blogspot", I apologise for my absence.

I see that to start a post with an apologise has become a tradition all around the Blogs.. shame on us!
I've been posting new stuffs on my Facebook page, and lately also on my Tumblr.
I wish I could link all the social media profiles in one app, so I won't need to publish every time in 4 or 5 different places.
Today i've seen a few people in the Studio using "Pinterest", Seriously? another one?  awwww
What do you guys think? Which one do you like the most? At the moment I'm pretty happy with Tumblr...

I've just found this hands I painted in Photoshop for the commercial:
The rest of the concepts were published 5 posts ago! :D

Some time ago, I had the luck to work for the lovely and talented people of NathanLove. It was a pitch for a juicy drink called Fruit2Day…
This is the work I did for them (on Photoshop).

Sadly, we didn’t get it… The people from Aardman won the pitch and made this commercial.

I have to say... I don't remember last time I did something non digital :(
I do grab a pencil from time to time to do some sketches, but I always end up using photoshop.

So.. this is going to be a New Year resolution ^^

*** The crappy pictures is just temporary, apologise !

Some really early concepts I did for the "Johnnie Walker -  Rock Giant" TV commercial  at TheMill.

This is a small selection of some Vis Dev I did for the "Doritos & Pepsi Max" TV commercial & WebComic.
I had the luck to work on this project from the very beginning along with Jonathan Vuillemin and a fantastic team here at TheMill.
First we did the design of the characters/enviroments ,and  then we spent a couple of month creating this really cool web/comic "Doritos and Max - A Super Powerful Combination"
I hope you like it  (-:

This one was for the pitch :)

Here is the Visual Development I did at TheMill for the commercial "Muller - Wunderful stuff"

This is the concept I did for Painting Practice on an early pitch stage of the project. 
As a freelance, sometimes you get to work in the same project for different companies, which is quite interesting as you get to work on different stages of the projects.

Back in 2007 I had the luck to work under the direction of Sergio Pablos at SpaStudios for the pre-production of RIO (produced by Blue Sky Studios and directed by Carlos Saldanha)
This is a recompilation of some Color Development work I did for the movie. I used Photoshop (as always) to color the pencil layout which was previously done by the art department.

It was a great experience to work with such a great team, not just because they are amazing talented artists but because they are really nice people too!
So.. if you want to have a taste of proper art made in Spain, visit their website at and.. go to see the movie! it's really good*****


Layout by The Spa Studios

Layout by The Spa Studios

Layout by Tory Davis

Layout by The Spa Studios

Layout by The Spa Studios

Layout by The Spa Studios

I had the chance to do the Vis Dev for the "Droid Charge" commercial at The Mill.
Hope you like it.

Paul Nicholson and Sylvain Marc are organizing an event in London to raise money for Japan, following Pixar's Dice Tsutsumi's lead and help the UK Artists help Japan charity he created.
Two of my pieces will be showing at the exhibition so If you're in London at the time of the event please feel free to come, see and buy! :)
***Make sure you follow the BLOG they created, since new submissions will be added as they receive them.***

Hey fellas!!
As many of you I've got my own Facebook Page ! I'm going to try to keep it updated, so keep an eye on it! and please tell about it to your friends, partners, children, husband, wife, dogs, and the rest of your folk.
Thx ever so much to Super Tom for creating it for me :) much appreciate!

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